May 292012

When Cherrypal launched the first $99 laptop in December of 2009 it changed the world for millions of consumers in developing┬ácounties and low income groups in the industrialized world. Although the $99 Cherrypal “Africa” was advertised as “Small – Slow – Sufficient” it was exactly what many budget constrained consumers wanted: a “good enough” high-quality affordable laptop.

We live in a fast moving world. Consumer sentiment has shifted from laptops as the “can’t-live-without device” to mobile phones and tablet computers. What will be the next “gadget” revolution in order to make Internet access and mobile communication affordable to everyone? Is it the $99 smart phone (non-subsidized retail price), the $49 tablet computer (or tablet-phone) or a $9 feature phone?

What will drive mobile penetration to 100% on a global basis?


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