Dec 202011

Triggered by the Wall Street implosion of September 2008 the economic environment is changing at a dramatic pace.Governments are out of money, employees are losing their jobs, environmentally friendly initiatives are out of fashion, education is of poor quality for most children in the world.

On the other hand products and services like mobile phones and tablet computers, social networking websites and reality TV broadcasts are in high demand. The way we consume information and form opinions is changing as well. The more we are exposed to the Internet the more our preferences are determined by “hype” rather than rational thinking. What do we really want and need, what is good for us, what is good enough?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a vivid proponent of the “Internet Access for Everyone” initiative, however, like with many other products and services the price should be affordable, quality high and easy to use. In other words, it should be “Good Enough”, but what is good enough really?

Money is tight, at least for 99% of the population here in the States and 99.99% worldwide. Don’t get me wrong, access to the Internet became an “I can’t live without product” within only a few years. There is ample proof that access to the internet increases employment opportunities and quality of education, if used wisely.

I have spent the last four years designing cost and quality optimized consumer electronic products and decided to share some of my experiences and observations with you. To be perfectly frank, I went from heaven to hell and up again. I have first hand experience when it comes to saving cost, optimizing value, operating on a shoestring, learning from mistakes and last but not least humility. Is “good enough” settling for less than that we really want?

The “New Good Enough Approach” (aka “New Humility”, “Good Enough 2.0”)┬áraises many questions.

  • What products and services do we really need?
  • What’s a reasonable and fair price?
  • Do the “corporate values” of the vendor matter to us?
  • What are our spending priorities?
  • Is there such a thing as “New Humility”?
  • … and many more

I would like to offer some answers, thoughts, critical and hopefully entertaining perspectives. Stay tuned.


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